Norway 2007


At the end of March 2007, a group of loonies escaped from Shire Land Rover Club and visited Norway.

Given the vaguaries of the weather, and uncertain local road conditions, our plans were deliberately open-ended. The aim was to drive north as far as possible, as quickly as possible, hopefully reaching Tromso before returning in a more leasurely fashion.

The members of our party were as follows :-

Tim & Lou - Modified 90 Tdi.
Richard & Tracy - D-Lander - Freelander style body on Discovery chassis, Tdi powered.
Mike & Beccy - Tomcat 100", Tdi powered.
Dave & Gavin - Ibex 240, 2.8 powerstroke engine.

All vehicles were equipped with diesel powered auxiliary heaters for comfort and safety.

Locations for overnight stays :-