Cosworth Notes

Just notes - take no notice

Some good starting information on the engine is at

Engine data and exploded drawings are at

Manual pages at

Photo library at

Boost Performance do 24V Cossie mods

MadOldBugger has a write up of fitting this engine to a sierra XR4x4

Mixing parts with the 4.0L used in the Explorer

Gearbox Studs 1.75" UNF/UNC, prob 3/8" (9.5mm major dia)

Flywheel Bolts - M10 x 1.0 x 30mm - Burton Power SC450 - 65Nm

Engine > Adapter Bolts

  • 2off M10 x 60mm Cap Screws HT 12.9
  • 2off M10 x 50mm Cap Screws HT 12.9
  • 2off M10 x 25mm Cap Screws HT 12.9

Spark Plugs AGPR22P

Fuel Pressure 1bar

Idle Speed 900rpm

Drive belts

  • Drive Belt 1 - size: 12.5x900 KEB900 mm/type
  • Drive belt 2 - size: 12.5x1200 KEB120 mm/type