Genesis of an Ibex

Some pictures detailing the build of an Ibex - Chris Irons Mark IV 240 HT - 7F061

Greenlaning - Xmas 2004

The best way to beat that post-Christmas lethargy - a little greenlaning in the winter sunshine!

First Outing

First off-road outing for my Ibex With the first few sunny days of the year already wasted, it was time to put the Ibex on the road for the first time. And once you have one on the road, the logical next step is to take it off the road …

Hardtop Build

Constructing a bolt-on hardtop to winterise my soft-top Ibex

What's an Ibex?

What's an Ibex? A question I get asked a lot! Even the most obsessed petrolhead could be forgiven for not knowing about these vehicles, since they are pretty rare. There are probably around one hundred in existence.