Custom Propshafts

At the front of the Ibex, 'castor corrected' radius arms are fitted to improve the handling. Unfortunately because the axle tube is rolled forwards in order to improve the castor angle, the drive angles of the UJs at each end of the front propshaft become more uneven. This leads to more driveline vibration, and faster wear of the drivetrain components. With the Ibex being my everyday car, covering 25k/year on average, wear is a concern and hence I decided to find a solution to the problem.

The most obvious, and easy, solution would be to fit a Discovery II propshaft which has a 'double cardon' constant velocity joint at the gearbox end. This would fit straight on (with a change to the gearbox output flange) and have the advantage of being a standard LR part. However there is a drawback - the LR part is not rebuildable, and not cheap to replace.A brief chat to The Propshaft Clinic found a solution - a custom built propshaft, of exactly the right length, with greaseable (and replaceable) UJs and spherical bearing, and with a longer than normal splined joint (in case I get carried away with the suspension mods). All this custom sexiness came at a price not massively larger than I could have sourced new LR parts for - Nice!


Extreme propshaft sexiness vs boring standard LR part.