Td5 Speedometer Reprogramming

Some notes on how to reprogram a Defender td5 speedometer to correctly indicate speed and mileage when using different gearbox or tyre size than standard.

Custom Propshafts

At the front of the Ibex, 'castor corrected' radius arms are fitted to improve the handling. Unfortunately because the axle tube is rolled forwards in order to improve the castor angle, the drive angles of the UJs at each end of the front...

Electric PTC Heater

An experiment - fitted an electric PTC heater to provide fast demist/deice at startup.

Xplore Tablet PC GPS

Modification for a 'Xplore' tablet PC to add an internal GPS module, making it much simpler to use it for in-vehicle navigation without getting tangled in a big messo' wires

Intermittent Wiper Mod

A useful and very simple mod for Defenders, variable intermittent wipe. Update your Defender to the 1980s!